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Adorable Photo of Kids Praying Before Breakfast is Going Viral for The Best Reasons!

A moving photo of three West Michigan girls praying before breakfast is inspiring thousands on social media after it was shared by their mom. The photo has since gone viral with tens of thousands of likes and shares.

The girls, two of them 6 years old and the other 3 who are from two families (their parents are step sisters) have broken through social boundaries to create their own little world of worship.

Ruth Andrew, who is Oriana and Alexis’ mom and Grace’s stepmom was having the kids over at her place. She had the girls come to the table to enjoy breakfast and she went to get more milk. When she returned, she discovered that the girls had not started eating yet- instead, they had joined hands across the table and were saying a prayer to their Father in Heaven.

Luckily, Rutha was quick with a camera so that we could all see this sweet example for ourselves. God loves us, and He wants us to share a love with our brothers and sisters in the world He has given us! These little girls have been a wonderful and innocent example for us to not judge, to join TOGETHER IN LOVE, and to always remember our God in all we do.

Andrew says it isn’t just the overwhelming cuteness oozing out of the photo that is touching so many people, but also how they paused over their meal and remembered to praise God and give their thanks.

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