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Mystery Behind Letter X on Your Palms (Only 3% people in the world have it)

If you have a letter X on your palms, you’re literally one in a million!

Palmistry is an ancient study that reveals traits about your personality by studying the lines on your palm.

This ancient science has its roots embedded in Hindu-Vedic astrology and is known for its two significant divisions. Palmistry originated in India and spread to the rest of the world through Tibet, China, Egypt, and Persia.

It is believed that the Greek Scholar Anaxagoras had shared his knowledge pertaining to palmistry with Hermes after his recent escapade to the Indian subcontinent.

Aristotle carried these letters addressed to Hermes to Alexander, the Great. Though no concrete evidence is available, it is rumored that Alexander studied them closely and planned his strategies accordingly.

Egyptian scholars are of the opinion that Alexander’s palm had a unique marking – one of a kind, that isn’t noticed in everyone. It is believed that only a very small percent of the population are endowed with this rare marking on their palms. We’re talking about the X Letter – the marking shared by only 3 percent of individuals dwelling on this planet.

Researchers from STI University, Moscow ventured to determine the authenticity of the matter and revealed how the X-letter on one’s palm is a big determinant of one’s destiny.

The research team from the STI University analyzed findings of more than 2 million people. The reports revealed that the data collected analyzed both living and dead people. It was finally concluded that individuals with the rare X marking on their palms had one similarity – they were remembered for their great deeds.

They were either remarkable leaders in their spheres of expertise or extremely popular individuals. While we already know of Alexander the Great, another remarkable leader who had the X letter engraved on his palm was Abraham Lincoln.

If you’re looking for a man living amongst us today who’s both a remarkable leader and has an X letter carving, you need to look no more! It’s Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

Individuals who have the X-letter marking on one of their palms go on to become popular individuals in their lifetime while the ones with X-letter marking on both of their palms go on to have their names etched in the golden pages of history.

These people have certain unique personality traits that differentiate them from everyone else.

  • Their intuition is always on point. They have, what you might call, a sixth sense. While the rest of the mortals are endowed with five senses, these unique individuals can predict the future to some extent. They are able to sense danger or harm very easily.
  • They can see right through your lies. And you don’t want to lie to one of them – take our word on that! They shall unleash their wrath instantly. While they might forgive you eventually, they’ll never forget and you might end up losing an important friend.
  • These individuals are known for their memory. They adapt to all circumstances and are extremely understanding.


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