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Scientific Discovery: People Absorb Energy from Other People

Probably it has happened to you to feel a bad vibe while being with some person. Also, you may have experienced like this person is robbing your energy.

Science says that everything in the world is energy.

According to a study from the University of Bielefield, Germany, plants are able to receive energy from other plants.

The physician and therapist, Olivia Bader-Lee followed the outcome of this research. Bioenergetics – Science that Studies the Behavior of Energy in Existing Things

For this study, scientists used algae (Chlamydomonas Reinhardt).

The research revealed that besides the photosynthesis another source of energy was the absorption of energy from other algae.

Olaf Kruse is a German biologist, and his discoveries about this research were published in Nature Site.

As Bader-Lee reveals, our bodies seem like sponges that absorb energy instead of water.

She explains that this is the reason why some people do not feel good in the company of some particular people.

Also, she says that people’s bodies are similar to plants since they take in the energy they need. They are able to heighten the cortisol and provide the cells with what they need.

Due to this, some people are prone to mood swings which cause stress, anger, nervousness, sadness, happiness, optimism, and laughter.

According to Bader-Lee, people have lost the connection with nature over time. And that connection was good because it could bring many benefits to the humankind.

So, the spirit inside us is energy. The “supernatural” is an exhibition of distinct energies all over the world.

For centuries, ancient people from each continent knew about this. However, scientists ignored it.

But, there were a few scientists that were courageous enough to focus on these problems, and they afraid of being criticized and rejected by the scientific community.

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