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Here Is How to Raise a Successful Daughter!

A study carried out in the UK showed that lofty expectations are associated with successful young women. Researchers concluded that there is a nagging mother behind every successful woman.

More Nagging Is Associated with Less Failing

Research conducted at the University of Essex proved that when moms demand a lot from their daughters, then their daughters can avoid the elements in life that can interfere with their success. Additionally, for women, these elements include abandoning academics after high school, teen pregnancy, committing to years of unemployment or low-wage employment, and so on.

Resentment Is Equivalent to Good Parenting

This parental strategy can contribute to countless scoffs, door slams, eye rolls, and tantrums. However, the sour juice is actually worth the squeeze. In addition, the progressive-nagging technique is extremely effective pertaining to teenage girls. In some cases, they succeeded in doing what they considered more convenient for themselves, even if it was against the will of their parents. However, regardless of how hard they tried to avoid the recommendations of their parents, they had a great impact on their choices.

Nagging without Moderation May Do the Trick

This appears to be counter-intuitive and like you would be going too far with the philosophy, but this is not the case. Specifically, in case you harp on your daughter to enroll in a university as well as avoid tween or teenage pregnancy, they are at a higher possibility to accomplish at least 1 of these feats compared to in case you focused your nagging on only 1 of the 2 topics. This means that it is better to nag about many things as opposed to a more reasonable amount; because in this instance, it is better to fight the urge to be kind.

That’s not all, the same philosophy also applies to young males. Therefore, in case you have a tween-age or teenage son, do not let him off the hook either.

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